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 offers spectrometers and different accessories such as fiber optics, light sources and integrating spheres for measurements of optical and biological parameters.

NIR - spectrometer
Too much noise in your spectra? Longer integration times required? Have a look at our getSpec NIR 0217 basic that may help you!
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NEW: getProbe DR LS - Maintenance-free fibre optic reflectance probe
Fiber optic reflectance probe for diffuse reflection measurements in the NIR spectral range with an internal reflection standard
Request for information presents the high resolution spectrometer UV/VIS getSpec 3648
The new getSpec-3648 spectrometers were developed for fiber optic spectroscopy applications within the UV/VIS and shortwave NIR range. Our getSpec 3648 disposes of a high resolution by 3648 pixels, an optional Bluetooth and a USB2.0 interface, data transfer rate of 3.7ms per scan as well as the memorisation on a SD RAM card.
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getSpec 2048x14
High resolution UV/Vis spectrometer with 2048x14 pixel detector and USB2.0 interface from our getSpec family.
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getSpec USB650 - Our low-cost spectrometer
Extremely cheap CCD spectrometer in a wavelength range of 350 - 1000 nm for instructional, educational and demonstrative applications.
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