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  • water analysis
  • beverage analysis
  • concentration measurements in power plants
  • monitoring of processes of oxidation
  • monitoring of filling process

  • Worldwide shortest shaft length of only 50mm
  • Detection limit of only 0.1ppb
  • Patented real-time referencing method with 2 independent oxygen measurement channels in one sensor
  • RS485 with Modbus RTU and 2x 4(0)-20mA (or 2x 0-5VDC)
  • IP68 / NEMA 6
  • Spot is pre-calibrated
  • Usable for dissolved oxygen and oxygen in gas phase

GetOtwo3353i is optical DO sensor based on the principle of fluorescence quenching. It is developed especially for trace range measurements in beverage industry, power plants and high-purity gases.
Due to the enhanced smart electronic and special measuring cap the sensor exhibits detection limit for oxygen concentration of only 0.1 ppb.
Long tool life at minimized maintenance efforts guarantee low operating expenses at high measuring safety

  • 2 separate (independent) measuring channels built into a 12mm stainless steel shaft
  • Automatic electronic referencing with red LED
  • Self monitoring of all sensor functions
  • Indication to replace sensitive element prior to expiration
  • Sensitive element placed in robust measuring cap for easy replacement
  • Built-in temperature sensors
  • free spinning PG13.5 thread for compatibility to Clark Cells
  • Worldwide the shortest 12 mm shaft length (50 mm); getOtwo 3352 with 120mm
  • RS485 with MODBUS RTU, 2x 4(0)-20 mA (or 0-5 VDC) output for oxygen and temperature with watchdog and alarm levels, 2x configurable digital trigger input/alarm output - all interfaces usable in parallel
  • High accuracy right from start
  • Less maintenance due to precalibrated and stable longterm measuring cap
  • No need of electrolyte and polarization time
  • No oxygen consumption
  • Usable for dissolved oxygen and for oxygen in gas phase
  • Range 1-6000ppm, 0.1-250µg/l, 0.1-250ppb

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Order information
getOtwo 3352iOptical oxygen sensor with shaft length 120mm, with RS485 and analog 2x 4(0)-20mA 2520800200144
getCON PPADocking station for up to 4 getOtwo sensors via RS485 and MODBUS 2520800800139
getOtwo DIS 3102 CIP usable measuring cap for getOtwo 33xx series in stainless steel (trace range) 2520802200135
getCON USBBidirectional converter between USB and RS485, including power booster up to 10VDC for application software 2520800400100

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