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Oxygen Sensor - getOtwo 3301 i ,
fibre optical sensor for measuring oxygen in biotechnology and chemistry

  • Monitoring in Bioreactors
  • Measurement in Food and Beverage
  • Determine metabolic processes
  • Concentration measurements, e.g. in slurries, oils ...
  • Monitoring of processes of oxidation
  • Fermentation monitoring
  • Monitoring of filling process
  • 12mm shaft out diameter
  • free spinning PG13,5 thread
  • CIP resistant
  • 2 independent oxygen measurement channels in one sensor
  • Modbus and 2x4(0)-20mA (or 2x 0-5VDC for getOtwo 3301)
  • IP67 / NEMA 6
  • Several shaft lengths
  • Spot is pre-calibrated
  • Internal data logger

The state-of-the-art oxygen sensor getOtwo 3301i is based on the principle of fluorescence quenching. It is therefore possible to detect low oxygen concentrations. Usual standard electrodes can be replaced due to getOtwo's shaft having an outer diameter of only 12mm and a PG13,5 thread. Long tool life at minimized maintenance efforts guarantee low operating expenses at high measuring safety

  • The first and only system with two separate measurement channels built into a 12mm shaft for real-time referencing
  • Shaft length of only 50mm are possible ( for GetOtwo 3302 and GetOtwo 3302i)
  • Health monitoring of all sensor function and status of sensitive element
  • Sensitive element placed in robust cap for easy replacement
  • No fragile oxygen membrane or problems coming from electrolyte
  • No polarisation necessary
  • Less maintenance - Immediate high accuracy
  • No oxygen consumption
  • IPG13.5 thread for compatibility to ph- or electrochemical electrodes
  • CIP-resistant
  • Temperature measurement implemented
  • IP67 / NEMA 6
  • Versatile connection via RS485 and Modbus RTU or Sentronic protocol and 2x 4(0)-20mA (or 2x 0-5VDC for getOtwo 3301)
  • Additionally USB converter with application software
  • Separate trigger and alarm channel
  • Several shaft lengths (Please ask for customized length)

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getOtwo 3301 iSensor with stainless steel shaft and electronic housing in POM, Cable connection,
2x4(0)-20mA incl. sensor cap
getOtwo 3301PAT Sensor with stainless steel shaft and electronic housing in POM, Cable connection,
2x 0-5VDC, incl. sensor cap
getOtwo DIS 1101Cap with sensitive spot, 12mm in stainless steel2520802000131
getAMO CON UBSBidirectional converter between USB and RS485, including power booster up to 10VDC for application software2520800400100
getOtwo ACC CxxCable with open ends for getOtwo series. Different length of the cable are available

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