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BlendAlyser NIR 0018 mems - online monitoring of powder blending processes

The BlendAlyser NIR 0018 mems focuses on needs of pharmaceutical industries and research establishments. The compact measuring systems analyzes powder behaviours during blending processes via NIR technology. Besides online monitoring of product's homogeneity, quantiative determinations of particular ingredients using chemometric calibration is possible, too.

  • Improves process understanding
  • Improves quality and yield
  • Eliminates sample thieving
  • Eliminates time consuming offline analysis

  • Covering wavelength range of 1350 – 1800 nm with 1nm resolution
  • Highest stability and long term reliability due to MEMS technology
  • Compact design and minimal weight
  • Powered by hot swappable batteries
  • WLAN connection
  • Internal Embedded PC
  • USP <1119> compliant
  • Qualification documentation included
  • 21CFR part11 compliant software NovaPac

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Order information
BlendAlyser NIR 0018 memsMeasuring system for monitoring powder blending processes, spectral range 1350 - 1800 nm2510800100070
Wavelength calibration standardWavelength calibration standard made of
holmium, erbium and dysprosium oxide;
NIST certificated
Fluorilon reflection strandard for grey scalesFluorilon reflection strandard for grey scales, NIST certified, consisting of 2%, 5%, 10%, 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% and 99% standards2130006300069

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