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getOtwo 3207/ getOtwo L3208
The optical dissolved oxygen sensors are designed for measurement tasks in R&D and versatile analytical laboratories for production and quality control or for environmental monitoring.
Based of the optical principle of fluorescence quenching getOtwo oxygen sensors combine high measurement performance with low maintenance. This measurement method makes it possible to measure in gaseous media also.
The sensors can be directly connected to versatile control systems by using the 2x 0-5VDC (4(0)-20mA for getOtwo 3207 i) analog output or the digital RS485 interface with Modbus RTU protocol. Optionally getAMO offers a USB adapter with application software.

getOtwo LAB probe
The use of precise fibre optics allows separating the electronic part of the sensor from the sensor tip and to build two separate optical measurement channels into a 12mm shaft. Both separate channels are necessary for real-time measurement much more safety.
The housing and sensitive caps which are coming in contact with the media are made from polymer POM and PET. Due to the robust and inert design the probe withstands harsh conditions and will not corrode in high salinity environments. Optionally for a faster temperature measurement getAMO offered the getOtwo 3208. Two calibration procedures are possible. Selectable are the one-point-calibration on air to adjust the sensor cap or the well known two-point calibration.

Sensor Cap
The solid sensing element is free of fragile membranes, electrolyte and placed in a robust replaceable cap. The need to replace just a single part minimizes service time and cost. After a cap change the sensor is ready to use immediately without polarization.
As the optical sensing principle does not consume any oxygen the measurement is flow independent. Furthermore it is not influenced by H2S and CO2.

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